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tv   Today  NBC  November 17, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EST

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( bell dings ) yes, sir. you have a miss ryan-- miss tracy ryan registered here? yes, she's here. the missouri queen, huh? - sounds like a riverboat. - the room number, please. nothing like a riverboat. you know, last time i was on a riverboat, i saw-- oh, sorry. miss ryan's in number 207. thank you. ( knocks on door ) just a minute.
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driver: the stage is ready to roll, folks, five minutes.
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josh. well, hello, tracy. why don't you take over the deck? i seem to have more luck when you're dealing. i've got to see you.
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a bottle and two glasses. i've been watching the way she looks at you, mister. thanks. a cupid with a red nose and a potbelly. i need help, josh. - i need help something awful. - well, now, i can see that. i'm willing to pay for it-- $300. $600, anything. you got trouble with the law? i can't go to the marshal, not now. tell me you'll help me, please. well, i can't seem to make a living at faro. it isn't a very flattering picture. "stacy torrance." tracy ryan, i hope that's your twin sister from europe. they want me for the murder of my husband leo torrance.
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i don't think he's dead. i think leo's alive. you think? i'm not sure. i'm-- i mean, i was sure, but i'm not anymore. well, when you decide, you let me know, now, hear? - josh, wait. - trying to make up a woman's mind is riskier than a shootout in the dark, hear? josh. - hey. - what's the matter? what happened to her? she's lovesick. now i'll take her to a doctor.
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this isn't my room. it's mine. easy. you need help, remember? are you working for me or the reward? both. if i don't like your story, i might be tempted to turn you in. don't play games with me, josh. i'm afraid i mean it, stacy. well, another bounty man wouldn't give me this chance. maybe i'm winning a little. you might be, at that. all right, let's hear about it. leo and i were married about a year ago.
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along the missouri-- actor, drunkard, gambler, drifter. i picked myself a good one, i did. what was it-- love, sympathy or just plain bad judgment? all of them. oh, i had big plans for us. our marriage was gonna give leo the strength that he needed, give him the purpose, direction, blah, blah, blah. pretty thoughts. and he put the spurs to them, huh? the missouri queen-- bought it with my money. and leo taught me all the tricks-- how to palm a deck and spike a drink, how to lie, cheat, steal-- all the rules for success. and then when things looked good,
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he wanted full ownership of the boat. we had an argument, a fight. and he threatened me with a knife. he said i'd do things his way, or he'd carve his initials in my face. your face looks all right to me. and he tried, he really did. i fought him off. and then he slipped. he slipped... and he fell on a knife, is that it? oh, i was scared. i was so scared, i didn't know what to do. and i dragged the body under the deck and i let it fall into the river. ( exhales ) well, now, that was a fool thing to do.
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but i did. i've been running ever since. how long ago did this happen? three or four months ago. oh, josh, if we can just find leo and prove that he's still alive, i'll turn myself in and stand trial for attempted murder. that's wish talk, honey. and all the wishing and dreaming in the world isn't gonna make that man undead. leo was here this morning. - what? - he was right here in this town. he left on that stage just a little while ago. it was leo who put that poster under my door. - well, now wait a minute. - oh, josh, you've got to believe me. why? i mean, you tell me why. because that's leo's way. that's his kind of revenge. revenge? if he wanted revenge, all he had to do was point you out to a marshal. no, that's too simple, too quick. he is trying to break me, to twist me apart. that's why i got the poster instead of the marshal. sure, and he twists the wings off butterflies.
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is that some kind of lie? i'm sorry, stacy. i'm just sorry. i'm gonna keep you locked in this room till i get back. what are you going to do? i don't know. i never chased the girls before. mr. randall, the management forbi-- when did the stage leave here? about 20 minutes ago. now about that lady-- oh, yes, my mother. well, now she's very old and she's very tired. and if anyone disturbs her,
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whoa! now all i want's one of your passengers. - what for? - personal reasons. you'd better get rid of that gun belt before you start doing any visiting. where is he? - who? - the riverboat captain.
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have you seen a riverboat captain here today? you're a long ways from any river, josh. very funny.
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now listen, i can't tell a man how to treat a frilly woman like tracy, but you've got a murderer on your hands, my friend. that so? take a look at this. where did you get this? a couple of bounty hunters rode in with it. - where did they come from? - i don't know. listen, they know she works here. that's why they came to me, asking. you know, i'm supposed to get half of the reward money. all i gotta do is tell them where to find her. all you got to do is just tell me where-- mr. randall.
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all right, where is she? - what? - where is she? what did you do with her? your mother? never mind the joke. what did you do with the girl? i-- i don't know. you're lying. you're the only one that's got a key to that room. you're the only one that could have opened the door and locked it again. you'd better start making mouth movement, mister. tell me! well, there were these two men. they came from summit pass-- bounty men. they wanted her. they had long, sharp fingernails, didn't they--
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the truth. i've already told you the truth. these two men, they-- they asked about miss ryan, or torrance-- that was the name that was on the poster. i kept her safe, mr. randall. - i didn't let them get near her. - show me. i was just keeping her safe, mr. randall, till the marshal got back in town. those bounty men-- they could have shot her down or-- show me where she is, now. well, she's-- she's right in that closet there. here, this is the key. use it. just keeping her safe, huh? oh. miss ryan, i only did it-- you make me sick.
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checkout time. ( knocking ) mice. - can you get a horse? - no. where are we going? well, somebody's handing out your posters over at the summit pass, and he might be related by marriage. whoa. looks like a ghost town. whew.
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you're beginning to believe me, aren't you-- about leo, i mean? josh. he's been here, all right. take the horse down and put him in that barn.
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it might be a good place for you to rest up, stacy. you've been acting like you need it. well, he made himself a nest up there. he could show up any minute.
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now go on, shoo. find yourself a shadow to hide in. i have to know what you're going to do. well, i would appreciate an opportunity to be able to handle this in my own way. you see, i need the experience. you could kill him, josh. i suppose so. he's dead-- officially dead. you could gun him down and it wouldn't matter a bit. pretty ugly words coming from such a pretty girl. sounds strange coming from you, stacy. look what he's done to me, josh. good chance in court. that's what we want, isn't it? i suppose so. all right, come on. well, let's find you a new home,
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now i want you to wait in here until i call you. all right. josh, i'm sorry. good afternoon. i hope you don't mind my seeking shelter in your barn. oh, i helped myself to some drinking water too. of course i intend to pay for it. that's all right, torrance. - torrance? - leo torrance, actor, gambler, riverboat captain and part-time corpse.
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- that's right. - that explains the gun. you're not a killer too, are you? how many killers do you know, torrance? just stacy-- murdered the only man who ever loved her. well, you look alive enough to me. look, must we have that gun, sir? it seems you westerners can't carry on a simple conversation without hardware. hands behind your neck. i beg your pardon? put your hands behind your neck. ( sighs ) can we be friendly now? not just yet, torrance. leo torrance is dead, sir. well, his clothes fit you pretty well. his clothes? oh, this uniform? i took over the missouri queen after leo was killed. why aren't you on it? because she's in dry dock for a couple of weeks. the weather in the east is miserable this time of the year. yeah, well, the weather here hasn't been so good either-- those posters.
7:25 am
yeah, just fine. in fact, they've driven stacy out of her mind. she stabbed poor leo and dropped him into the river to die. i don't know what she told you, but leo torrance is dead. i am merely the instrument of his justice. would you tell stacy that? is she here? - you'll see her. - you're very thorough, sir. i suppose this is to be my truth test. remember, you said it,
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that way. hello, leo. he answers to his name, doesn't he, josh? you startled me, stacy.
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nope. i'm taking you both to the marshal. let him figure out this whole thing. you seem to forget stacy's wanted for murder. your murder, leo. and you're still alive. - well, it was fun while it lasted. - fun? that's enough, stacy. - feel better now? - no. that's enough. - you won't shoot me, mister. - don't bet on it. you need me alive to keep stacy from hanging. all right. ( gunshot ) why, stacy? why? you can take me in, josh.
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you looking for somebody, mister? you got a right to know? well, let's say i'm taking that right. now who are you looking for? - why? - 'cause it might be sheriff bedloe.
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- yeah. everybody in town is looking for him, and it ain't to give him no medal. now if i was you, mister, i'd get out of sand rock fast. this ain't no place for a stranger. you're not me.
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( knocks on door ) - who is it? - josh randall. come on in. i was beginning to think you didn't get my message, josh. well, when i hear that hank bedloe is hiding in a hotel room, i want to find out why. i need a favor. i need it bad. i owe you a couple. i want you to get me his papaner. - who is he? - he's gabe justin. - partner? - a man called ted jenks. well, what's the story, hank?
7:33 am
- anybody hit? - yeah, the bank clerk. his funeral was yesterday afternoon. since then there's been a lot of talking and a lot of drinking. and you saw the face on the town. all it takes is one voice to tell them to make a mob. - and that's why you're holed up here, huh? - yeah. had to move him three times since we buried the clerk. i can't leave him alone till the judge gets here. why would you have to leave him alone at all? to get the other one. to get his partner. there's no one i can send, no one i can trust. then you know where he is? that's why i sent for you. gabe s sd he headed for an outlaw town called bent horn. you know the place? i've heard of it. and i don't want any part of it. don't you have a deputy you can send? why, i'd sooner send a 10-year-old kid than send mike. anybody opens a bottle within a mile of him, he forgets his own name. you haven't heard all of it, josh. - one man's already gone after jenks. - who? george evans, the bank clerk's brother. if he finds him first, jenks is a dead man. well, then why worry? it'll end up the same. not quite. jenks is entitled to a trial.
7:34 am
please, a favor. please. what does he look like? i don't know. i didn't see the robbery. when i got back to town, i found gabe here all trussed up, the rest of them trying to sop up enough courage to hang him. well, then how did you find out about jenks? he tololme. why are you so anxious to have your partner caught? 'cause he's a bum. the whole thing was his idea, then he skipped town to leave me sitting on trouble. i want him next to me when they dropop that door. that's all i want. what's he look like? what makes you so sure he went to bent horn? because that's where we was headede see you in a week. - i appreciate it. you know that? - yeah. i don't know how i'll pay you back, but i'll find some way. well, i'll tell you, right now there's a bigger question.
7:35 am
good morning. what will it be? - what's that? - rye. i'll take some. water? well, if it's bad, water won't help. and if it's good, it won't need any. - well? - mm-hmmmm - where are you from? - south. - full housese - why, you-- cut it out. cut it out.
7:36 am
well, he's yours. drag him out. why didn't you call the sheriff? wouldn't havavdone any good. he would have just told them the rule. - and they already knkn that. - the rule? it's about the only real law we've got in bent horn:
7:37 am
oh, say, thanks for the hand. no trouble. what are you doing in bent horn? - looking for a friend. - well, what's his name? ted jenks. know him? what do you want with him? business. we made a deal. look, mister, we've got another rule in bent horn: nobody asks any questions. if you want to see somebody, you take a seat over there. 'll walk by. - yeah, but-- you did me a favor. i'm trying to do you one.
7:38 am
all right, mister, what are you really after? - i told you. - you're a liar. now you head to that door, and you make it the first time. you sure pulled in that welcome mat fast. just give thanks you weren't standing on it. now you get out t town, and you get out fast. jenks is no friend of yours. to blow your head off if you give him any trouble, and i'm one of them. now move. you're a little late. - what do you mean? - i found what i came for. i'll see you now, , ar? you're crazy, evans. put that thing down. i'm a big man in this town. - you'll never get out of hererelive. - i'll take that chance. now wait a minute, george. you got this all wrong.
7:39 am
anything you want-- you just name it. you got it wrong. i didn't have anything to do with killing your brother-- nothing at all. you've gotta believe that. that's enough. - whatato you want? - put the gun down. this is a private party, mister. i'm gonna ask you once more, then i'm gonna blow you out of your shirt. mister, i don't know who you are, but i sure owe you a favor. sand rock. i'm gonna rerember you for what you've done. i'm sure of that. all right, let's go. - what? - outside. whwhare you? what are you trying to pull? josh randall. i'm doing a favor for the sheriff of sand rock. - bedloe? - that's right. he wants this man to stand trial for killing your brother. it's a waste of time e d money to try him. listen, i'm on your side, but that's the way bedloe wants it. you stay out of the way. the horses are out in the back.
7:40 am
now you listen. i don't care anythinin about him, but you come within biting distance of this, and it's gonna chew you to pieces. ( men clamoring ) - come on. - what are you gonna do? man: that door shouldn't be locked. men: let's get in there. - break it down. - sure, we'll break it down. come on, hit it. once more. - what was this shooting? - never mind. - where is jenks? - gone. the man with the long gun? he's taking him to sand rock.
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try to drink some. you'll feel better. isn't anything but a new head that's gonna fix this. you had quite a night. try the coffee. this stuff isn't gonna do any good. you know, i didn't have ananhing to do with that bank robbery. look, i just came from sand rock.
7:46 am
what kind of a trial do you think i'm gonna get? well, right now bedloe's hiding behind locked doors to make sure that g ge justin gets a fair trial. i imagine you'll get the same. well, there's a big difference. justin did the robbery. why would they try to tie you to something you're not guilty of? to get even. gabe hates me. he always has. you rode together. all right. that doesn't meaeawe ate out of the same plate. oh, i admit he wanted me to go along with him, laid it out nice and pretttt turned it down. reforming? no. look, i'm not trying to sell you me with wings. it's just that i didn't have any part of that bank job, and that's the truth. all right, well, the best way to prove that is to go in and stand trial. if you're innocent, the jury will open the doors. they may not have to, 'cause you're not about to get me to sand rock. you just keep thinking that.
7:47 am
a rope. not gonna do any good out here. well, you just take a look, mr. randall. pack up. we're moving out. i like it here. well, that's good, because unless you get on that horse, they're gonna bury you here. how did you happen to get into this business, randall? - what's that? - bounty hunting--
7:48 am
just happened. working in a bank back home. one day i looked out at a customer and it hit m m i was living in a jail. i quit that afternoon. is it a good living? it could be. me, i don't want to work that hard. as long as i have a handful of b bns in the making, it's all i need. all right, get on your horse. oh, no. i'm not running anymore. there's a chance it might be a friend of mine. i'm gonna take that chance. no, you're not. now get on your horse. you're not gonna shoot. the noise would bring him right up here. you're the only one that's got something to lose.
7:49 am
7:50 am
he's leaving. we'll l mp over there. what do you want to wait over there for? we'll be better off there for a couple of hours, not on the trail. i don't think so. i want to go on. if it's evans, he's in front of us. you still want to chance it? what if it's one of my friends? then one of us is gonna have to use the shovel. and i don't think it's gonna be you. well, tomorrow, huh, josh? what? tomorrow's the day i get it. well, that's up to the courts to decide.
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7:53 am
jenks! come on down. jenks, i know you're up there. jenks. you're innocent, you can't get out of here without a horse and water. the jury will set you free. all right, jenks, i'm coming up.
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a a usy, simple job like that, and you can't do it right. - josh. - the bobos outside. - jenks? - there, you see? i told you everything would be all right. why did you try to outrun me? what are you talking about? i sent mike to bent horn with a message for you. i just missed you in town. i tried to catch up to you, but the way you were running-- who do you think i was? - that was you out there? - yeah. you disappeared from the trail. i tried to find you. right after you left-- as a matter of fact, the day after, we found that gabe justin had been l lng about jenks.
7:58 am
no, nonoa thing. can you imagine gabe lying like that, old jenks innocent? another fellow altogether. they got him up in washington county. i bet old jenks would like to hear it. yeah. where is he? i want to tell him. outside. where are you going? to find a church.
7:59 am
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?? (xxxxs gun)
8:01 am
- is this the camp of werner augugu? in santa barbara they told me that he and his daughter
8:02 am
- see what i'm making for my baby? come and i'll show you. - a moment, please. i regret, sir, that the reputation of this wild country does not permit hospitality. i'd appreciate your leaving. i'm werner august. i waited an extra day for you in santa barbara but decided you wouldn't come. - well, it is a long trip from san francisco. - if you wish to be certain it was i who wrote you... - no. i once had the pleasure of viewing one of yououart collections in boston. i knew who you were before your letter arrived. - oh.
8:03 am
- i am most happy to meet you. - when i first met your daughter, i had d e strong feeling that i'd seen her someplace before. - that's quite impossible, sir. - well, then the loss is mine, madam. - it's miss. the small clothing andndhe talk of a baby, it's... a little joke of ours. please, sir, do me the honor. gina, the wine for our guest. - yes. wouldn't come. this country is so wild, so wide and different from the east. but then you know thatat - the reason i came was that your letter was not exactly specific as to why you wanted to see elliot spencer. - oh, surely you're joking, sir. have you no conception of the genius of this man? - well, i did see his tuscan lake nymph in the louvre, and that gave me a vague idea. - well, then, 20 years ago he created his last great work, then he disappeared. everyone wanted to know,
8:04 am
- the man i left in the wilderness three years ago was looking for pepee, not work. - then he's changed his mind. that's why i'm willing to pay you $2,000 to take me to him. - i have only agreed to meet you, and i find it very difficult to believe that spencer has changegehis mind. - i have but one argument for that. gina. - je suis tres touch. - you recognize the stone. - yes. afro-asian aboriginals in the marble of west america. - it's taken me a a ole year to trace them to a thief who stole them from a strange man
8:05 am
spencer does wororagain. - yes. - she is very beautiful. - gina! you're tired. - (humming) - your argument is very powerful. if we find him, if we find spencer and he does not want to see you, what then? you have my word, sir.
8:06 am
do you like working with your hands, mr. paladin? - very much. kable skill.
8:07 am
(both laughing) yours is not so beautiful. - no. - but i like you. - where's your mother, gina? - she sleeps in n e ground. i used to put flowers there, but father forbade it. - you say a man taught you to do this. who, gina? - he was my best friend, next to my mother. he used to swing me in his arms and say i was hihi beautiful little one. those were the happy days, when i was very small. - and still, we all must grow up... mustn't we? - why must we?
8:08 am
no matter what my father says or you! i am like the wowon in the savages, aren't i, mr. paladin? - remarkably so. - will you swing me in your arms? - i think not. - why? - 'cause i might like that, and it migig not be what you expected at all. so then people can love you. and there is no hate. - mr. paladin. our agreement does not concern talking to my daughter.
8:09 am
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more than they need to because they don't know what they're e titled to. make sure you have what you need to get the care that's right for you. you have only a few weeks left. if you miss the deadline, you may have to wait another year before enrolling. call a licensed healthmarkets' agent now. call now. call this number by the deadline... and let healthmarkets find theheight medicare plan for you - without cost or obligation.
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(singing in french)
8:14 am
- spencer? - i'm afraid this is a private encamp-- paladin! oh, my good friend! - here. - what's this all about?
8:15 am
colette? but so much like her. - her name is gina, not colette. - gina. - surely you remember the child you found so charming once upon a time. - colette-- my wife is dead. - colette, dead? - to me for many years. to others, for only three. despite her years, she still remains a child, spencer, like her fathehe i would say. - you go to far.
8:16 am
ere. i'm pleased to welcome an old acquaintance. would you like to walk with me? - august. you had better go and get your wagon. well, i suspected he was lying. still, he would have just kept on searching for you until he found you. - of cououe.
8:17 am
- perhaps i did, unconsciously. it's like a carrara. it's quite a good marble. - (humming) i thought i recognized her. it's the tuscan water nymph. that's her mother. - ah, yes. i heard them as they stared at that statue. "so lovely, so beautiful," they said. "the wife of werner august. and he? such a blind, stupid fool." - they are the ones who are blind, august.
8:18 am
- do you wish to inspect the pistols? - august, in your own words, you have made e very long journey for nothing. - yes. i'm not afraid of death, but i will not take life. - even if i tell you it was colette's wish? gina! she even made a mark on the pistol which would be known only to you. tell him who gave me the pistols. - mama gave them to you. - a water lily. the water lily here, it was a private joke between us. that... how wonderful it would be if our feet could root in the lake bottom, and we could die each winter and be newly born each spring.
8:19 am
she never said. - i even had gina polish them for me. and now i think it appropriate that the seed of the water lily witness their final youth. - i see. you destroy one and wound the other. and all for nothing. the child is yours. you're flesh and blood. - you have colette's message in your hand. do you deny her last wish? - spencer, have you ever held a pistol in your hand before? i want paladin to take her. find a place for her that she'll-- - this child is not a piece of merchandise for bargaining! - i agree! she's the only human thing in this whole affair. but i want her away from you, away f fm your hate. - even you ought to be able to tell her head's too empty for hate, or anything else. - if there is a person here without understanding,
8:20 am
- yes, to that i must agree. - well, i am forced to disagree with both of you. (gina humming) now, i'm gonna ask you people one time not to go through with this. august, you're an intelligent man, an educated man. give credence to the i ia that he may be telling the truth. no? well, then, have the charity to f fgive him for what you believe happened. he was a v vy young man, and you say yourself that your wife was a rarely beautiful woman. - you waste time, sir. - spencer. this is exactly the kind of a thing that drove you out here. you were a man sick, revolted,
8:21 am
- somewhere a poet must have said, "to truly love beauty is to be willing to die for it if necessary." but i feel sorry for you. lovely child and to have known the wonder of neither. in the muck of their own self-pity that they can't see the obvious. what do you think the death of either one of you is gonna mean to this girl? - where there is no mind, there can be no effect. - you insist on going through with this? very well.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
rrencer? - you mean, you... - the gun is loaded, primed, xxxxed. we'll move on the count. count of five, turn and fire. - perhaps this is s at she meant by the water lily. it is almost winter, isn't it? - one. two.
8:25 am
- paladin, no, you're my friend! - it's all right. it's all right. it's all right now. i'm not gonna kill him, gina. here. these are very fine dueling pistols. but i suspect they've been tampered with. i suspect that any p pson pulling the trigger would indeed be taking his own life. - i think she must have known that sooner or later, he'd find you. and i think she must also have known thth you would never pull the trigger. - no. no, you're wrong! you're wrong! (gunshot)
8:26 am
- gina, august said you knew that those guns had been tampered with. did you know? - no. you're the man who taught me how to make beautiful things with my hands when i was little, aren't you? - spencer, will you go back to san francisco with us? - not yet. but i have two friends who'll know where i am. and i know where you'll be. - (chuckles) and as for you, young lady, when i get you to san francisco,
8:27 am
- do i have to wear shoes? - yes, you have to wear shoes. spencer, this may not be the best of all possible worlds, but if we try, we can m me it the best of all possible compromises.
8:28 am
8:29 am
- (humming) ?? - ? have gun will travel reads the card of a man ? ? a knight without armor in a savage land ? ? his fast gun for hire heeds the calling wind ? ? paladin, paladin, where do you roam? ?
8:30 am
8:31 am
- can you tell me where i can find a colonel draco? - so, you're his importedd ? - he does have the look of an undertaker... black suit and all. probably uses that gun to promote his own business. - friend, your assumption could d correct, but in this case i am just a man looking for colonel draco. - why don't t u find him yourself, gunfighter? - myra. mymy! - i'm sorry, charles, i was giving sven dinner instructions-
8:32 am
it's the man i sent for. it has to be! mr. paladin moves like a dancer. myra-- watch. - well, now, i did think my enemies had multiplied very quickly. - they call me brother grace. i'm a circuit minister preaching the ways of the lord. whence come the wars and fighting among you and these townspeople? - well, sir, i dislike being identified as a butcher, and i dislike intensely the idea
8:33 am
- ohohthen you're the one. - i'm the one. now would you mind explaining that? cocoie, brock. explain? well, if i were versed in the u u of such a tool of destruction. "at night he will ride a pale horse, "but at noon he shall wear black, - when i rode in here, i thought this was a nice, quiet, peaceful little town. a sane town! - until you rode in, it was. a quiet town, preparing to celebrate the eve of st. elmo. - well, for a man who follows the profession you do, it seems to me you are very hasty in forming your judgments. - i look and i see what i see. now hand over your weapon, and i'll reserve my judgment.
8:34 am
or a miracle. - myra? one question: the reception committee, who are they? - that's brock march and his son collie. the men you were hired to kill. - i'm myra draco. my brother, the cololol, wishes me to take you to our house. - my name is paladin. - i know. my brother saw you fight.
8:35 am
- violence sickens me. as do those who use it. - yes. still, there are times when there is no other way. - men are all alike: no gentleness, no kindness. even on a holy day. - the eve of st. elmo. - i'm surprised you've heard of it. - oh, yes, i've heard of it. let's see, if memory serves me properly, the belief is that if the saint receives a gift he favors,
8:36 am
(with foreign accent) - the colonel is in library. - colonel draco. - paladin. (chuckling) - no, colonel, i do not drink to death. ?? - death is implicit in this. and that's a very interesting sidearm you're wearing. let me see it. - i think not.
8:37 am
of death... all right, take your drink and sit down. and your gun. now, how would you dedene an insurrection? - an insurrection is an uprising against civil or military authority. - and, uh, how are insurrections usually handled? - well, according to history, they have usually been p p down. see, i own this valley. and the river that runs down the center is mine also. the water costs the people here nothing, but the right to cross my land to get to it is revocable without notice. recentlyly a few ha, and now they sell the water directly to the others for a small fee, of course.
8:38 am
p. - and the leaders would be collie and brock march. well, colonel, it seems to me if there's been any infringement of the law, the sheriff ought to handle it. - sheriff died over a year ago. i haven't yet found anyone to replace him. - hmm! you know, i'm amazed that you haven't handled it yourself. - paladin, do you think i sit in that chair because i want to? his bullet killed my legs. now that yoyore here, your legs will be my legs, your eyessmy eyes, and your gun my gun. - now, colonel, this has been a very bad mistake. i don't hire out for hatred, i don't hire out for revenge. - paladin, some men buy love. i'm willing to buy hate.
8:39 am
ny times to use this gun as an instrument of judgment. to be judge, jury and executioner. i have thus far resisted the temptation, and i don't believe i'll make an exception in this case, even for that. - now, you don't fool me, paladin. gentle o. not like the others. oh, yes, paladin, you're the man i want, all right. - colonel, the very best i'll do for you is investigate your claims tomorrow. - you'll do more than that, paladin, ! this whole town has been warned! they want a miracle, do they? all right, we'll give them a miracle. and an object lesson as well: the death of those who defy my authority. (groaning loudly) sven! - is bad, is bad you be angry.
8:40 am
ttle rest. we'll talk later, paladin, aftetedinner. there's no one on my side... unless it's you. ??
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
well, mr. paladin, perhaps your temptation to use your weapon is increasing. - i think that bullet was meant for you.
8:46 am
- perhaps it was meant as a warning. - yes, maybe it was just a stray bullet from the gun of some drunken cowboy. (doorbell rings) well, brother grace. this is an unusual honor. - i have come especially to invite you to the services at midnight. - you think my presence wiwi effect your miracle for you? - your presence may itself be the miracle.
8:47 am
all right,t,brother. i shall be there. we'll all be there. - hmm. the man in black. there is no reason for you to be there. - brother grace, i think perhaps this might be reason enough. it was just fired through that window. i dug it out of the fireplace. - until then. - i'll show you out, brother grace. especially when n e chips are golden, huh? we have an hour to dress for st. elmo. let's not disappoint him. sven? - is that why you're going? to earn that?
8:48 am
- it happened out there, in the streets. my brother called him names, then he began to hit him with a buggy whip. but it wasn't just the water rights. brock's a widower. he passed a few words with me. he looked at me as though i were a woman! my brother hates me, but i'm all he's got left. - brock and his son will be there tonight? - oh, yes. nd take you? - i understand that. and i believe that st. elmlm might be happier seeing you in something just a little less somber.
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
(quietly) - now. (a little louder) i said, nono (loudly) - yes, sir,
8:54 am
- the gunfighter gives up his guns? a miracle indeed, mr. paladin. brethren, st. elmo has indeed answered our prayers. - no!
8:55 am
8:56 am
brock. - paladin. - no! - you cheated me! you want a miracle, huh? - please! - i will show you a miracle! - please!
8:57 am
- sven, you fired that bullet at the house tonight, didn't you? - i only want frighten you away. all his hate... - well, the colonel had one friend, didn't he, sven?
8:58 am
- which was the miracle, mr. paladin? your giving up your gun? colonel draco wawaing? or the death which struck him down? - brother grace, who's to say what constitutes a miracle? hm-- all of these things might have been miracles, or none of them. hat decision to youound to... st. elmo. - or perhaps is this the miracle? that these words echo clearly:
8:59 am
?? ? "have gun will travel," reads the card of a man ? ? his fast gun-for-hire heeds the calling wind ?
9:00 am
[gunshots] >> welcome it is the trails end. what did you think of it? >> sure is noisy. >> should he, >> i hope so, he has earned it. >> they ve got cold beer here. >> cold beer? >> i mean ice cold. ice. >> i will catch up with the rest of the herd. you go on. i will find you. >> you will not have any trouble doing that, john. >> you to go ahead. i will look around for a while. >> all right.
9:01 am
10 times, throw it in. anybody, step right up. you can be the first one. >> not a single. >> get rid of whatever ails you. only one dollar. heartburn, a proxy for your eyes, one dollar. there we are. halfway down this bottle of tonic and you will feel -- >> and the next day you ate a bowl of chicken fat. >> step right up, one dollar.
9:02 am
[shouting]g] >> what happened to that old fellow? >> hey, blue, look at that! >> what you c czy -- >> [indiscernible] >> whoa, whoa, whoa. [gununots] ?
9:03 am
you are going to have the time of your life.
9:04 am
? >> hello! >> this fellow is coming along. >> i cannot think i wiwi go, either. >> why not?
9:05 am
i think i will go along with you and get a shave.e. >> come along, blue. >> i want to look around town. >> you sit back in the chair, you will enjoy it. you massage away your memories. >> come on, blue, wiwi you? >> come on, mano. >> here you are. shaves are $.50. >> $.50? >> that is what we get a run here, mister. >ho is doing it? >> i am it. you can take your chance with me, mister.
9:06 am
i can remember. >> look at that old fellow shaking likeke dog. he also looks like he hahabeen a barber himself for many years. >> mano, we skip the hot towels. >> you are sure you have done this before, little lady? >> i am not so little. my name is penny. what is your name? >> you ain't nervous? >> nope. >> wire you waving -- why are you waving? >> this is sold in town, so it is kind of scarce. >> it looks like yououre the one
9:07 am
>> there is another tip to see sometimes. penny, how much for three beds? >> a dollar a piece. three dollars. >> $.50 for the safe, and the other $.50 is for sparing my scalp. penny, three dollaor beds. smooth. >> loooofor the matching cards in delivery. >> and there you are. >> it is only $.50. >> the rest is for you. >> mr. blue. go on.
9:08 am
>> better than yesterday. >> none too good. if i can just get shed of this. >> what is that? it just came up out of nowhere. run on down and get you some about tonic, ok? >> thank you.. as soon as i get to the bank. >> he ain't going to give that back. billy bank he knows sits on a table. >> -- the only bank he knows and
9:09 am
>> i cannot complain much. >> did you about the trouble we had up north? >> i heard. >> do you think it will be any different at m mplace? the only way to get them out of the gun market. >> welcome it is your ranch. you do with it what you see fit. ? >> hey, mano. come on, come on. get over here. you know buck here. and my friend blue here. >> hey. >> you are still doing your paper cards? >> no hard feelings. you got your money back. >> as you say, nonoard feelings.
9:10 am
five aces? this is johnny keough. manolito montoya, john cannon. >> hey, you're nice and clean-shaven. >> you are older than me, mr. cannon, so i will respect that. don't call me son. >> longim >> you are looking different, sam. >> give a table, frank? >> good to see you, john. >> we will be heading up north. >> hermano. >> sam. you know this keough? >> yeah, i know him.
9:11 am
now he runs to where it is going to pay off. the truth is he is out to beat billy the kid's friends come and what is more he is mean enough and fast enough. the last time i saw johnny was two years ago. he killed seven men by then. ? >> you can do that standing around the bar. >> muchachas, eh? >> oh, sorry. >> you just up on a pair of $30 boots, boy. >> i said i was sorry.
9:12 am
now how are you going to be at shining these boots? >> he said he was sorry, keough, that ought to be enough. >> all right, mr. cannon, you keepephis kid out of my way. >> you don't have to talk around me, keough. i'm talking to you, keough. >> you see, boy come it is all over now. come on. come on. don't scare me. >> well, he does me, b be boy. >> could answer, muchacho. >> leave the boy alone, johnny. >> don't get a my way, matt. >> there is no sense in killing the boy. wi-fi could kill you easy, frank. >> you can. john cannon is a friend of mine, keough.
9:13 am
harm. i've been you tell your friend to keep his boy on a short rein. i'm not working for you anymore. maybe i will see you around. >> maybe.
9:14 am
9:15 am
? >> your thumbing you can do? -- you have something you can do? >> sure do. >> i can handle that. i what are you all talking about?
9:16 am
>> sit down. ? i have never coddled you. have i? >> not that i have noticed. stay away from this keough, you understand, while you? >> pa, i'm not going to go back there looking for a fight. i did not come here for that. >> i'm not talking about a fight. where do you think that keough gets those $30 boots of his? would you give a montht's pay fr a $10 shirt? >> no, sir.
9:17 am
what you make in a month he makes in one day. he kills for money, blue. it is -- he is a professional with a gun. the odds are stacked, boy. >> i know that, pa. i am not looking for trouble. stop worrying, william? -- >> i try. matt said they would be moving on by dawn, so keough should be gone by them. wife i'm sipping until 7:00, so that is not give me time -- >> well, i am sleeping until 7:00, so that does not give them much time. >> i would like to ease than the odds, would you give me the gun of yours?
9:18 am
will make you sleep better. >> it will make me sleep a lot better. ? good night, pa. >> good night, son. ? >> hi, pa. >> hi, hon. >> i kept some supper for you. >> i do not have much of an appetite right now. i think i best go lie down.
9:19 am
i clean forgot to put out those blankets. >> i took care about this afternoon, pa. >> you did? you know, i ain't been m mh help to you recently with my back plaguing me.e. soon everything will be alright. i have schooling and all. things are going to be like i said they was, in, honest they
9:20 am
>> the blankets over the -- >> i do not remember selling you this. >> you did not. i bought it off of a jail hand. >> number five in the corner come in the blankets are on the table. this me? >> well, it is your number, but -- >> hey, you are in my place will stop >> looks, i do not want trouble, mister. ?
9:21 am
>> hit me again, and i will knock your head into a cold, son. >> nobody calls me son. >> please! >> keough! >> your kind of unhandy are you, boy. this is the second time in a day you have gotten in my way. wife i am not trying to, keough. >> your kind of the full it should to use a hand to shoot me. >> i ain't carrying a gun. >> get out of here. >> please, blue. i do not want anymore fighting. i have g g a place next door for you. you don't want trouble. >> that is what i am looking for is trouble.
9:22 am
>> that is a mean hombre. >> forget it. penny, be a ment. >> my pa is in the back room post of i will fix you a place to sleep over there. he will need more tonic tomorrow. it does him a world of good. where do you sleep?
9:23 am
>> get! >> you be careful with that johnny keough. don't believe it. you sound like diamond back. do everything to keep warm and then just to turn around and your sleep and -- >> good night, penny.
9:24 am
>> ice cold! horses going up and down the spot. >> no charge. >> icy cold water. i was happy before i froze, you know that. >> blue, i think you made a conquest. x it is them blue eyes that do it. >> that ain't so funny >> he is right, though. >> she is just a kid.
9:25 am
>> it is funny. >> things for stepping in last night. i will's make it my business to stay out of that loco's way. >> this is my morning for apologizing. i ain't one for trouble most times. >> maybe i can meet you tonight and buy you a drink. >> i do not think that will be possible, friend. >> why not? >> you are leaving town.
9:26 am
>> i do not think you said that loud enough. >> i understand. >> i have got a wife and kid. they need me. i'm just another target to him. but you , any dumb thing to be smart enough to stay alive. one thing helps. i ain't ever going to have to look you fellows in the face again. >> i think you had better go home. >> keough is not through. keep that holster empty.
9:27 am
you eat crow. it sticks in your throat. ? >> nobody will ever make me feel
9:28 am
involve two parties discussing something? why y t give you some say? or let your driving do the talking. liberty mutual righttrack? finally puts you in control. with savings of up to 30%, with an initial discount just for signing up. take control of your rates.
9:29 am
9:30 am
9:31 am
>> good? >> blue boy, you have g g to stop dwelling on that johnny keough. >> i keep thinking aboututhe way he shamed that fellow. >> we are heading by come
9:32 am
we will be sleeping in the rain again before you know it. i want you to have a nice time. >> it is very much fun. >> i thought i was supposed to be with you. >> you are with me. but for a little while, you're going to be with him. >> he is kind of cute. >> oh, mano. meet blue cannon. x blue, it is mabel jones. >> i won the lottery! [cheers] [indiscernible]
9:33 am
>> he is sure having a good time, ain't he, buck?
9:34 am
>> drinking, johnny? [music stops] >> mabel, sir, they tell me you are very fast with that gun. how fast? >> the last man hiding behind his empty holster, now he wants to stand t tre. that makes you short on insights. i am going to be in town tomorrow.
9:35 am
we are leaving in the morning. >> does your daddy do your talking for you? >> know he does not. i will be here tomorrow. and you will be dead. ? >> let's go, boy. ? >> keough, anything happen to that line. maybe i ain't as young as you, but i'm kind of sneaky. ? >> what are you trying to do? i am not that delicate, pa. sam and the boys are ready to go.
9:36 am
r me the rest of my life and wiped my nose. >> this is not a game. keough will kill you. >> i have got sense enough to know that. ice good. and it is all settled. wife yeah, it is settled. >> -- >> yeah, it is settled. >> blue boy, you will need this for the trip home. >> kind of bad. >> what you think i should have said? you give him a man's job come you cannot treat him like a kid. he will make up his own mindful sup >> i t tnk he has made up his mind, amigo. >> blue?
9:37 am
where is blue going, mr. cannnn? >> he is going home. >> but he did not even say goodbye. >> you like this way a lot, don't you? >> why sure. >> he will be back here to see you again. but he will be alive.
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
>> tengo mucho hambre. >> mucho loco is more like it. >> blue boy. blue? no longer a boy. very much a man. ? >> it is open.
9:43 am
i thought you had gone on ahead. well, we will be leaving in a few minutes anyway. you know, the best thing about a trip is the going back home. >> i am not going home. not yet anyway. >> blue, i suppose there is not a man who is a father to a son that does not think he knows just what is best for that boy. >> i am not a boy. >> you prove that. you can back, you are willing to face this s ough.
9:44 am
>> you are not making thisisasy for me. quite i don't intend to make -- >> pa, listen to me. i am not trying to make a big play. i was on my way home and i started thinking about the rest of my life. that there will always be a piece e me missing. >> not to abs with any sense. -- not to anybody else with any sense. nobodydyxpected to go out there living with a gun. >> i expect me to. >> nothing i say can change your mind? >> no, sir. >> men like keough -- they have to prove themselves every day. not men like you.
9:45 am
i don't want to cut your legs off. you will need them to o and on. >> i am glad you see it my way. >> i don't. but you are you. i am me. that is what you have been telling me. you are right. you are ght. ?
9:46 am
easy, mano. >> well -- you have got him nearly out of his mind. me and you, we know you have got better sense than to go through with t thing. we do know that, don't we, blue boy? >> i am walking that street, uncle buck. >> all your life, i've been getting you out of straits one way or another. all your life.
9:47 am
or we will have some fun in terror up the hotel. >> if you do that, i will hold it against you for the rest of my days. >> your days will have to be numbered, blue boy. you ain't got a ayer against keough. you will die, blue. he will die in some street. maybe not in this town, but somewhere, in the s seets, with his name written in the dirt. you a ready to die that way, blue boy. and it ain't fair to those who care about you. >> whoever said life was fair? not you, and not pa! you said a man has got to make his own life. and pa said he has got to find
9:48 am
i have been here thinking about it. i do not know of a man who does not respect you or pa. and you burned it -- and you have earned it by standing up for what you believe in! and so will i. >> blue boy, if you don't wind up in the dirt of the street, do you think people will remember what you have done? well, they won't. not even for month. >> well, i will. and so will you. ? >> oh, blue boy.
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
>> hey, blue. que pasas this for my's me of the days in the afternoon.
9:52 am
like to say to you. >> a don't you think everything has already been said? >> posible. will you change your mind? >> no. >> then everything has not been said. you know, blue, i have seen this acted out many times in the past. this code, you know where one man's existence is justified by another man's death, it t aves much to be desesed. only undertakers profit. >> i do not write the rules. >> you know, i think you should consider what life has to offer. think of the best meal you ever ate.
9:53 am
of laughter, or of -- ah. no, amigo. it is much more than that. it is life itself. all it can be. what you can do and achieve. better to be a live dog than a dead lion. >> are you through? >> yes, i know i am through. >> good. i am going to go down and get me a horse and ride out of here in 10 minutes. >> hey! bueno, hombre.
9:54 am
>> vaya con dios. ? >> get back on in there. quite five got to see him, pa, please ! >> you just get back on in their
9:55 am
>> now i told you what would happen if i found you in town. >> and i told you i would be here. >> blue, blue! >> any, stay here. >> he will kill him! >> anytime you are ready. >> not this time, blue.
9:56 am
you cannons to even up the odds? >> this is my fight, pa. >> sorry, blue. i am making it my. >> afraid not, kids. now drop them guns. ? [indisisrnible] >> you are having a girl try to save youou come on, boy.
9:57 am
>> finish it. >> i won't have to. it is someone else's fight. >> you took an awful chance, penny. >> i had to do it. he is the only real friend i have ever had. -- you are the only real friend
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
and i guess the go meant it that way. everybody was so glad to geto, they'd forgotten about the mountains that we still had to c css. just can't be ignored, es can be pushed just so far. then you've got to do something about it. with as much of our equipment worn out as it was, i didn't h any choice. it had to be in top-notch shape for the big cl we were already behind schedule, but i couldndn take any chances. we'd have to make camp for a week


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